Investing In Yourself – Growing Your Skillset

Investing In Yourself – Growing Your Skillset

Warren Buffett said: “Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do.  If you have talents, no one can take them from you.”  This goes for any part of your life, including your career and maintaining your credentials.  Whether you have an AHIMA or an AAPC credential, you should be very proud because these are not easy credentials to come by and they require maintenance to keep them up to date.

Sometimes, we have a tendency to expect others to give us CE’s or give us the time to complete courses, but in reality only YOU can maintain YOUR credential.  It’s true, employers may require it, but YOU have to want it.

Here are some ideas of how you can invest in yourself to maintain your credential and GROW:

  • Participating in Social Media Groups relating to Coding or HIM is a good way to hear about what others are doing and potentially what “free” CE’s are out there.  It is interesting to see what other companies do and what other resources are out there.
  • Participating in your local AHIMA or AAPC organizations is another great way to network, get new insight into current happenings or changes taking place in the industry.   There are many opportunities for low cost and sometimes free CEs.
  • We encourages employees and clients to take courses that LexiCode develops and offers through our online learning platform.  These courses can help you grow your skills and career, plus offer you CE's.   We sell some courses to the public, but all are free to LexiCode employees!

COVID has taught us all lessons in creativity.  I encourage you to get creative with Investing in Yourself.  Remember…No one can stop you from growing…except you!

Denise Blackburn, RHIA

LexiCode Director of Compliance & Education

“We recommend LexiCode without hesitation. For many years, LexiCode’s has provided high quality audit services to support our compliance program. The formal audit deliverables and reports far surpass any I have seen in the industry; they translate all of the audit data into meaningful and useful information. All other aspects of the audit process demonstrate a commitment to excellent customer service. We also love the annual coding education modules that LexiCode offers!”

Rachel C. Sherksnas, RHIA, VP Health Information Management
Post Acute Medical