Prioritizing for a less stressful day

Prioritizing for a less stressful day

Are you having a “bad” day?  Are you wondering how to get everything done that you need to accomplish?  Are you struggling to meet your productivity goals?  Here are some easy tips to help with both.

Prioritizing your time and Clear your mind

  1. Make a list – Write down everything you want to accomplish. It might be helpful to make two lists, one work and one personal.
  2. Prioritize the items on the list – What’s the most important task? What needs to be completed today? What can wait until later in the week?
  3. Take a walk - Take a few minutes to walk around your block or around your house.
  4. Take a deep breath and stretch.
  5. Remove distractions from your work space.

    One of my previous co-workers called this “taking a brain drain”.  A clear mind and a quick break can really help you to focus on the task at hand.

     Tips for meeting your productivity goals-

    1. Organize your work space.
    2. Know your productivity expectation.
    3. Break this expectation down – know how many cases/records per hour you need to complete.
    4. Set incremental goals – for example: By noon “x” number of cases will be completed.
    5. Set a timer – If a task should take 30 minutes to complete, use a timer to measure how long it takes you to complete it.
    6. Change your process if needed.

    Being aware of how much time you spend on a task will help you improve productivity and meet your goals.

    Hope these tips help lessen your stress!


    Michelle McKinney, RHIA

    Manager, Consulting Services


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